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This website is dedicated to Beauty and the Beast (2012). I started writing fan-fiction for the show in April 2013 and am getting rave reviews. Beasties know what I am talking about, but for those who don't and want to know more (I warn you once you do, life will never be the same) go to my article under the "Stories" tab above to read what the love affair is about then I STRONGLY recommend you buy the series at USA                            (click on logos) or USA  ​

Season 2 premiered in the USA on 7th October 2013 (CW - Mondays at 9pm) so tune in to that and also catch up with Season 1 on the CW Network site at                      (click on logo). You won't regret it. BEASTIES ROCK!

​Added to the menu above is the title "S2 Vid Reviews". Along with my Beastie Bestie, Janeen Hayes, we film video reviews for each ep of S2. They are informal, honest and a little crazy (must be the Aussie in us both)...


The "Authors" tab above features Beauty and the Beast fanfiction stories by other awesome writers that I've come across in my BATB online travels.