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I'm an ex cop with a spectacular daughter. I've dabbled in writing for years and self published a romance novel three years ago, called 'Indefinite Secondment'. Writing a book is easier than marketing it and after a lot of work I fell in a screaming heap; exhausted and burnt out. I thought I was a one book wonder because I lost my mojo and hadn't been inspired to write since.

In March 2013 I discovered the CW's TV series 'Beauty and the Beast' (the new 2012 re-imagining). My writer's block vanished as I tapped into creativity I didn't know I possessed and as they say, the rest is history. I am positively prolific as I now have the broad canvas on which I fill in the brush strokes. So inspired, the words come pouring out as I try to be as faithful as I can to the epic, soul mate love that is Vincent & Catherine. I seem to be channeling them as they won't let me go, compelling me to write their ongoing story in the form of classy, erotic fantasy.  

I would be very remiss not to mention the brilliance of my awesome friend and Chickie Babe Beastie, Ms Janeen Hayes, who has fast become the Yang to my Yin or is that the Yin to my Yang? Where I go (take note BAtB writers) she goes. She's the final 20% and makes my work go from great to spectacular. She keeps me on my toes, picks up the inconsistencies and helps me maintain my writer's flow!

If you like my stories and wish to donate so that I can write BATB fan-fiction full time please hit the donate buttons on the site.


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