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The Wet Series features five separate stories of Vincent and Catherine exploring their relationship and sexuality with water as the common theme.

1. Pool


Part 1 of the Wet Series, 'Pool'  features Vincent and Catherine getting hot and sexy in the pool at the Ashcroft Hotel. This scene was inspired by THAT pool scene in 'Date Night' when all Beasties wanted to murder the pool attendant for interrupting a seriously sexy kiss.

'Pool' continues that kiss towards a very happy conclusion for our VINCAT!

2. Waves


​Part 2 of the Wet Series, 'Waves' takes place after that successful (read climactic) outcome in the pool at the Ashcroft Hotel. Vincent is inspired to carry on their exploration with water and surprise Catherine with a trip to the beach. Combined with his epic romantic gesture indicating just how much he loves his Catherine, their swim becomes very heated!

Read 'Waves' to find out why Catherine cries. 

3. Bubbles

Part 3 of the Wet Series, 'Bubbles' sees Catherine away for the weekend to celebrate Heather's birthday at their father's home. Vincent is left alone to miss her (badly). Remembering Vincent's surprise on that sexy trip to the beach, Catherine decides to spoil Vincent with a reunion in water that knocks his socks off, or is that his clothes?

Read 'Bubbles' to find out just what her surprise is.


4. Rainstorm

Part 4 of the Wet Series, 'Rainstorm', while featuring water, is a departure from the tone of Vincent and Catherine's relationship. Neither of them anticipate the primal intensity of their coupling as they find themselves hunted by Muirfield. What happens when nine agents try to capture Vincent? How does Catherine come to the rescue of her soul mate and what is she prepared to do to bring him back from Beast hell?


Read 'Rainstorm' to find out.


5. Oasis

Part 5 and the final in the Wet Series, 'Oasis' ​sees Vincent surprise Catherine for her birthday. Inspired by her surprise to him in 'Bubbles' and the need to erase her memories of the night she was shot after her father's wedding, Vincent's epic birthday present is a sexy night that ends in happy tears for Catherine.

What does Vincent do to take her breath away? (a number of times)

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