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Reviews below are for each of the stories I've written from the latest published, back to my first which was called 'The Beast Within'. That received such great comments how could I not write more? Beasties inspire me! I started to write fan-fiction in May 2013 after being inspired by the show. I've never written fan-fiction before but Beasties are telling me I'm nailing the characters so I'm doing something right. Loving the characters and immersing myself in their world to the point of obsession probably helps. I'd say it's the best fun I've EVER had with my clothes on. I LOVE writing VINCAT...

Selecting the reviews for each story is damned difficult, there are always so many to choose from. THANK YOU. The reviews start with my most recent story.

Click on each title and it will take you straight to the story to read...



23. S2 Deleted Scenes - Forever


"Oh My Lord......I thought your other stories were amazing Karin but this has to be the best yet. I loved the fact you added the "Interuptions." lol, I think we all were getting annoyed about that but man you have given us the ending we wanted and then some...I seriously felt everything you wrote..." - Janell L.



"Oh Karin, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  You gave us the exquisite "HBO / XXX version" of the "happy ending" we were all wishing for!!!  So romantic & yet so hot, steamy & passionate!  Loved it, loved it, loved it!  I'm in VinCat heaven now!!! **sigh** Thank you soo much! Loved the references to Oasis & First Night Again - wonderful touch!" - Mary R-G.



"HOLY! OMG! I need a cold shower, but would prefer a clone of The Beast right nowwww! You gave US just what WE(I) needed during this crazy, long hiatus: HOT Passion and Mind blowing Hot Steamy SEX that even makes our toes curl. Magnificent & Thank You! Keep them coming!" - Janette C.


22. Wet


"That was HOT!!!! Gosh, Karin, thanks, you have wonderful talent to combine emotional dialogues that allow to us to see all the thoughts of our heroes with such hotness & this is another great example! Now I'm off to several cold showers"- Zulfiya G.


"Dearest Karin. You are a wonderful writer! Keep doing what you do. Your stories send my mind/thoughts/feelings to another place. VinCat Forever. Karin Forever!!!" - Kath N.


"AMAZING!!! Jesus woman I'm not breathing but wow that is what I call a hot shower scene. I was totally picturing that in my head and getting rather hot in the process....Your stories should come with a cold shower!" - Janell L.


"OMG! This was so incredibly GOOD. Keep writing!!!" - Yolanda


"OMG, Karin! Hooeee! I've read it now six times - really - and it is friggin fantastic! I don't know how you do it, but you outdid yourself in hotness! I LOVED It!" - Denise H.


"OMG Karin, that was exquisite! Sizzling hot & passionate, whilst showing the deep loving emotional connection between VinCat! Seriously loved it! Also loved how you explained the reason for the clothes in the shower - very clever, believable & sweet!" - Mary R-G.


21. S2 Deleted Scenes - This Shouldn't Work


"Oh my goodness Karin, you really are amazing! This is such a beautiful interpretation of JT & T, you've actually made me fall in love with them! As much as I love JT & T's characters in the show & I love Austin & Nina tremendously, I honestly had no real interest in seeing them together as a couple. You have now changed all that & turned me into a JT & T shipper! I absolutely loved this! So sweet & romantic and so true to who they are! I love how they bring out & highlight each other's beauty and I love how you were able to make their relationship feel sexy & believable & fun! Can't wait to see more of them as a couple on the show now & I really look forward to reading more of your fanfic about them too! No wonder Austin gave you the green light, this is a beautiful testament to his & Nina's characters! Well done honey, you have converted me! I will never ever tire of your hot n sexy VinCat fanfics, but damn it girl, now I'm into JT & T too!!" - Mary R-G


"Love, love, loved it Karin! As has been said, you've captured JT and Tess so well....and I love their sassy banter! So sweet AB contributed his poem to the story...what an awesome person he is!" - Kris R-S.


"Karin, I woke up this morning and was very happy to see your story! It's terrific and very, very realistic. I loved it and, especially, loved the convo between Vincent and JT. You capture their "bromance" perfectly. Loved that Austin vetted the story. You have quite the talent for conversations, as well as the hot parts. Thank you again for all of the enjoyment you give us!" - Denise H.


"I'm a JT&T shipper...and I LOVED IT - I laughed, I giggled, I blushed a bit (I'm a lot like Austin in that respect) and I AWWWWW'd a lot - I could hear their voices." - Monique H.


"You are good Ms.Witnish.Write on!! I love all that you write." - Kelly P.


20. S2 Deleted Scenes - First Night...Again


"OMG, Karin! This is fantastic! THANK YOU so much! I loved how you filled in all of the blanks! ...and of course, not to mention the absolute hotness going on! Yes, let me mention it!. The lovemaking scenes are just gorgeous and loving and smutty and has everything I would have wanted! I loved the pictures! The quality was gorgeous. I can't wait for Part 2! Your story is the perfect companion piece to Jay's. Now my morning and bedtime reading is complete! Luv you!" - Denise H.


"Oh wow, very hot and romantic. Loved it." - Sally A.


"Words fail me at how filled with awesomeness this is!!!!" - Kristen F.D.


"Karin had me absolutely on fire after this, and a cold shower was never going to be enough to extinguish it! Karin, you outdid yourself yet again - that was exquisitely HOT! Truly breathtaking, passionate, lustful & delicious, yet still so very loving, sweet & emotional! You are seriously talented my dear and more importantly, you truly see & understand the connection & love & desire that we all see & imagine & are so in love with, in our VinCat! Well done hun, love ya mwa! xo" - Mary R-G.


"Mind blowing, sexy, passionate, beautiful, tender, and deeply moving, all at the same time. To say I loved it is an understatement. You have a great gift Karin." - Anne C.


"You did it again Karin, so glad ep16 gave the inspiration to bless us with your beautiful VinCat piece of heaven...You're truly a gifted writer, and hopefully you'll always continue to write xxx" - Sin B.


"You know what I liked the most......the dialogue between the two of them. So much heartfelt emotion, it's like it's tangible. I can feel it coming off the screen as I read. It never ceases to amaze me how you can capture and express the feelings of these two very cherished characters and bring them to us with such love!!!! To say that I loved it is a misnomer because it goes so much deeper than that. I read you and I see it unfolding in my head and it makes me want more. Thank you so much for this wonderful and expressive gift that you have and share with us so willingly. Simply beautiful!!!!! Oh, and how could I forget to say how incredibly HOT it is????? Silly doesn't begin to explain it!!!!!" - Debbie G.


"I really enjoyed your story. The best way to convey my happiness is to say BRAVO. I don't recall ever reading a story that made me cry. I know it's the reunion of VinCat and how well you told the story. THANK YOU!" - Omega W.


"Oh God! I missed you so much! I love your stories and this is simply perfect! Thank you." - Miki


"Just wow! This was great! You make me feel as this really happened in About Last Night!" - Oriana


19. Aftermath of a Nightmare


"This is absolutely AWESOME, Karin." - Karen B.


"So beautiful, made my eyes go all teary!!" Sam W-C.


"Felt every emotion, thank you xx" - Elita H.


"Sigh, oh Karin this is soo soo beautiful and touching, you had my heart soaring! It was so loving, tender and passionate - I'm all choked up, thank you so much lovely lady!" Mary R-G.


"WOW!! That's amazing Karin xx" - Janell L.



18. Deleted Scenes 6 - First Night


"Karin, every time i read one of your shorts, I think it can't get any better.....and then the next one comes and I realize how unbelievably wrong I was!!!!!! AWESOME!!!! So good, I was on the edge of my chair loving the passion and sensuality of the two of them together.....and crying at the love and tenderness at the same time. Really, I don't know how you do it, your consistency is remarkable and again I say on par with the best of all other romance novel authors. Be still my friend, Karin Witnish, who is well known amongst the going to be a world famous New York Times Bestsellers List Author!!!!!" - Debbie G.


"OMG, Karin! You outdid yourself. Terrific! Thank you so much." - Denise H.


"Oh sweet lord Karin, that's got to be the best one yet. LOVED IT!" - Janell L.


"Absolutely brilliant Karin Witnish. I think this is by far one of the best reads yet! The way they express their love and sexual desire for each other is unlike anything I've ever read. Hmm wait until JR reads this saucy chapter. It's going to knock his socks off. Thank you for everything that you do and congratulations on creating such a wonderful fantasy with our beloved Vincat." - Damaris C.


17. JT&T Tango


"Amazing. Incredible. Loved it! Great twists on 2 essential characters of BATB. You, my dear, are a great writer!" - Steph R.


"Another fantastic read Karin Witnish!!!!! Loved the humorous aspect between JT and Tess...which is so totally true to the characters from their interaction on the actual show. I don't see how anyone else could have written it better. Your ability to consistently bring us exceptional fiction is awe inspiring. Bowing down to your superior gift...keep doing your "thng" girl ... can't wait for the next JT (James Tiberius, ROTFL) & Tess encounter." - Debbie G.


"OMG! OMG! OMG! This is a must read - I was blushing, giggling & very impressed all at the same time!" - Angela R.


16. I Feel Him


"Ohhhhhh my Karin this is perfect, if it happened this way I would love it, thank you so much for the answers. I loved every part of it the highs and low's. I felt this story. Thank you." - Elita H.


"At first I was going noooooo not a dream but OMG what a dream THIS IS SIMPLY BEASTILICIOUS Karin Witnish Bravo!!!! Fantastic weaving of the clips together ~ I could picture everything in my mind so clearly ~ as Elita says I would love it too if it actually turned out this way ! YOWZERS!!!!" - Ean A.F.


"This is great. I love the story. Fantastic job weaving this all together." - Patricia H.


"You know how much I love your stories !!! This one is so great !! I'd love it 2 be the first ep! I love ur vision of Vincent and u know that we share the same strong and confident expectations about Vincent !!! Love Love Love Love it !!!" - Elodie J.


15. Deleted Scenes 5 - Starlights


"OK.....hold on!!!!! I need to catch my breath, swallow the saliva in my mouth, get something cold to drink and submerge myself in ice f*cking hot Karin!!!! What a loss the BATB writing team is experiencing without you on board! As long as you keep writing for us it's all good though. OK, going back in for a second dunking/read of the passion!!!!!♥ " - Debbie G.


"O.....M.....G !!!! I love cherry oil now more than everything. You were inspired." - Elodie J.


"OMG are a goddess! This is terrific! So much better than alot of published erotica! Loved how the Beast came forth in response to Catherine's arousal! Wow!!! Thank you!" - Pat J.


"OMG Karin!!!! Jay Ryan needs to read this one for sure - this would be a great re-union after their 3 months away! lol. As always Karin, you take us to new sights and a very very BIG ThankYou for yet another mind blowing story!" - Debbie M.


14. Deleted Scenes 4 - Awake


"Super job! Wonderful details... so true to the characters." - Marnita C.


"I'm speechleess Karin....this is some serious hot stuff!!!!! Loved it and can't wait to read more!! You're fab xx" - Sin B.


"Karin I just found your site while surfing Facebook. Love your story on my favorite show BATB. You are a great writer. Keep up the good work you now have a new fan." - Irma V.


13. Deleted Scenes 3 - Home


"Sweet Jesus I can't breathe..." - Steph R.


"Karin, again, brilliant!!! Some of the fan fictions out there are just about the sex....what I like about your writing is that you show so much more. Sure, there's sex but there's sensuality and so, so much LOVE between Vincent and Catherine. So much emotion!!!!! While I'm reading I can see it so clearly it's overwhelming. And the mirror......go on with your bad self....AWESOME!!!" - Debbie G.


"One more amazing and beautiful scene. I can feel how much they love each other in a such a passionate way ...they are in love to death. . I love V's strengh and the Sex scenes are so real. . I Love the blue veins....I Love Everything !!! THX for sharing and being so creative !!! xoxo ! # frenchbeastie" - Elodie J.


"Karin your stories just keep getting better and better! This was beyond HOT! Wow in need of a nice long ice cold shower!!! It is the complete package, they work so beautifully you can see everything so clearly as you're reading! Thank you, you are a stunningly spectacular writer and BATB would be lucky to have you!! Will patiently await your next." - Debbie B.


12. Deleted Scenes 2 - Warehouse


"Karin, that was awesome. Your writing always exemplifies what the writers of BATB should be doing. Thanks for filling in the gaps for us!!!!" - Debbie G.


"Wow Karin that was great. Should have been in the ep. Your stories get better everytime. Keep them up. We need them to help us get through to s2 and hopefully the batb writers will get to see them soon and add them to the show:-)" - Sue R.


"Hot damn! Karin Witnish you are just freaking incredible!" - Steph R.


11. Deleted Scenes 1 - Prelude


"OK Karin....if you could see me now I'm bowing down to you. You have an exceptional gift...totally outshines any and all of the other BATB fanfic writers out there. It's your truth and complete dedication to the characters and their love for each other that rings true to the story. Thank you so much for continuing to entertain us with your craft. Again, I say that the writers of the show have their work cut out for them...trying to live up to YOUR standard of writing...would be so much simpler if they'd just hire YOU!!!!" - Debbie G.


"Wow! Karin once again you never disappoint! Love it! This would have been a perfect scene in that episode! Thanks as always for sharing your wonderful talent! I will shout it from the roof tops BATB WRITERS NEED YOU!!!" - Stephanie P.


"You know, I can HEAR their voices saying these words to each other....geeeezzzz!" - Natasha D.


"O...M...G !!! Karin you should bottle would make a great HRT pill. I know I'd take them, phew that was great..." - Lyn H.


10. Wet Series 5 - Oasis


​"OMG Karin you've done it again. Thank you. I can picture all of this as I'm reading it. Your stories get better each time I read them. Can't wait for the next set of stories, they'll definitely keep us going over the summer months till BATB is back on the TV. You need to publish these too." - Sue R.


"I love you Karin!! This is beyond epic!!! How I wish I have my own copy of your series!!! Can't get enough reading it!! Gotta read all over again and again!! Thank you...." - Medz C-M.


Aww, I'm sooo freakin happy I could cry, loved it immensely." - Natalie F.


"Wow wow wow....loved every sentence of it, perfect way to to finish the Wet Series....could see it all playing out in the head, thank you so much for everything you write......keep it up." - Elita H.


9. Taken


"Love it love it love it......great finish to the wish the writers would use this for the start of season 2 it is so good. Thank you Karin. You are a fantastic writer, please don't ever stop writing." - Elita H.​


"Holybloodyshit!!!!!! That was AWESOME...great stuff, I was taken to a wonderful place.​" - Lyn H.​​


" it. Love the emotional aspect of it, the way their love is described, the interaction with the other characters, the whole storytelling was just superb." - Sin B.


8. Foreboding 


"Girl you need to be writing for the series......they don't know the impact they could have on the series with you.....awesome!!!!" - Debbie G.


"OK Karin, I will never again be able to watch this episode without thinking of your version instead!! What a let down the original will be." - Jude F.


​​"Fantastic as always Karin." - Debbie B.


7. Wet Series 4 - Rainstorm


"Karin, this is exactly the kind of scene I wish they could do in the series. The reaction of the fandom would be like nothing the TV world has ever seen." - Jody B.​


"Fact No.1 - U definitely need to be part of BATB writing crew coz UR ANGLE IS DESPERATELY REQUIRED!!! Secondly!!! If this actually goes down in Season 2 Beasties all over the world would burn EARTH DOWN!!!That said, IT WAS AWESOME! Now I have faith that I'll make it through to October." - QQ.​


"OMG!!! Karin!!! have left me speechless and in a state of awed bliss! With this, you have captured the very essence, the eternal soul of Beauty and Beast! ...Beautiful is such an over used adjective and seems so inadequate to describe the completion of the circle of this epic love of Beauty and the Beast, but, for want of a better word...Karin, this was gloriously beautiful!!!" - Kat R.


6. Wet Series 3 - Bubbles​


"OMG. Your stories are wild and super hot!!!!!! More pleassssssssse." - Sin B.


"Ohhhh my word...actually words do not describe what I am feeling. I missed my mouth with my coffee cup many times, now I have coffee all over my top...oh well. Please do not stop writing. When you finish the whole collection you should release it as an Ebook, I would first inline to pick it up. Thank you so much for this." - Elita H.


"Wow that was wonderful! Couldn't get enough of that story! I now need to go back and read your other stories! I have heard so much about them! It's all true about how wonderful they are! You are an excellent writer!" - Stephanie P.


5. Wet Series 2 - Waves


"OMG...that was so GOOD!!!!! The imagery was awesome...I could see it all while I was reading........keep it coming....can't wait for the next read!!!!" - Debbie G.


"Hot! Damn, the details... " - Lydia S.


"Oh my....that was seriously hot!!!! I hope we get some real action in S2. Thanks Karin, your excellent stories will keep us going till S2 airs." - Sin B.​


4. The Pill


"Just fabulous, amazing, wonderful, beautiful. I love your writing; I feel every emotion you put into words.Thank U." - Natalie F.


"Karin, I've read many romance/erotic novels...from some of the best writers....Nora Roberts, Lora Leigh, Christine Feehan and Janelle Denison are my are right up there with them girl!!!" - Debbie G.


"Loved it! It really is wonderful how you capture the characters voices and "fill in" the story-lines with motivations that seem honest to who they are. Thank goodness you also put in the steamy scenes that have been lacking since Insatiable! I think I like 'Date Night' better now that I can let my imagination input these scenes into it." - Carrie N-Z​.


3. Wet Series 1 - Pool


" 'Date Night' is going to be kind of a let down now. That was incredible, Karin! I wish you were on staff ( pun intended) as a BATB writer! I can't wait to read the next installment!" - Melinda G.


"It is HOT Karin! loved it!" - Verna G.


"WOW.....I want to say so much more....but I'm still shaking and my mind isn't working to it's full all I have for you right now is WOW!!!" - Debbie G.​


2. On Heat


"Holy moly Karin, that was freaking awesome! I love that you included JT (you've got his sense of humor down perfectly!) and Tess in there too. Poor Vincent was so embarrassed....I felt bad for the big guy. I absoloutely adored all the lovey-dovey talk. I can't wait to read more!" - Melinda G.


"OMG. AMAZING! Loved it. You captured the characters perfectly & now I'm off for a cold shower. Cant wait for the next installment. Thanks." - Janine McG.


"So after I read this again and again I just can say that I love your writing. It is perfect. I couldn't stop and I want more because it is perfect. Did I already say that I love it?" - Sarah P-K.


1. The Beast Within


"This is brilliant writing keep it coming please." - Elita H.


"OMG...I love this!!! I've pictured variations of this (beast soothing) in my mind, but you actually brought this to life in are amazing, Karin!" - Melinda G.


"Oh Karin! You have us hooked with your writing! love it!!" - Verna G.


"This is amazing don't stop. I really enjoyed it." - Natalie F.


"Oh wow - that was good." - Monique H.


"Brilliant!!" - Tamekica W-L.​



























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