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These are currently eight stand alone stories inspired by Beauty and the Beast 2012. 'The Beast Within' and 'On Heat' are imagined episodes arising from my vivid VINCAT imagination while 'The Pill', 'Foreboding' & 'Taken'  all take a scene from an episode and give it an alternative outcome - the way Beasties wanted to see it. 'I Feel Him' is my own interpretation of the season two spoilers that were released in September 2013 (S2 premiered Oct 7, 2014). 'JT&T Tango' is a departure from my VINCAT centric stories, focussing instead on JT & Tess. The newest just posted is 'Wet' (April 2014) and was inspired by the fully clothed Vincat kiss image that was released for Ep 217 which airs on June 2, 2014.


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The Beast Within

In this story, my first ever attempt at fan-fiction, I wondered what would happen if Catherine woke up to find Vincent the Beast rather than Vincent the Man in their bedroom. How does she react and what does she do?

Read 'The Beast Within' to find out.

On Heat

Vincent is part beast and we all know animals have different urges when it comes to mating. So what happens when Vincent's über sexual urges (as JT calls them) require release? Vincent won't tell Catherine because he fears the harm he may do her, but he doesn't count on JT deciding that Catherine needs to know. How does she handle Vincent's problem?

Read 'On Heat' to find out.

The Pill

Inspired by the episode 'Date Night' I really wanted to explore what drove Vincent to take the pill after promising Catherine that he wouldn't (a pill that will kill him in 2-3 years). I considered that during the night something dramatic occurred that compelled Vincent to do what he did.

'The Pill' is my story on what may have transpired.


In the Season 1 finale we saw the scene when Catherine shows Vincent the two ID's for them to start a new life in a town outside of Denver. He is touched and also stunned that she is prepared to give up her life in New York for him. He reaches out, kisses her and as they start to get a little more into it, her Dad calls, interrupting them.

'Foreboding' has that call delayed by perhaps 20 minutes giving them time for a little spontaneous sexy combustion on the table.



In the final heart wrenching moments of Season 1 of Beauty and the Beast 2012, Vincent was cruelly dragged away by a net in a helicopter by persons unknown.  A heartbroken Catherine can only watch in torment as the love of her life vanishes into the night. ​

'Taken' is my version of what happens after, an alternative Season 2 opener.


I Feel Him



​In September 2013 a number of spoilers were released featuring sneak peeks of the opening episode of Season 2. I've written my own version of what could happen in that first episode based on those images and scenes. ​


The events take place 3 months after the Season 1 cliffhanger and in the spoilers we​ see Vincent shackled in a warehouse while Catherine is frantic in her search for him.


JT&T Tango



What happens when Catherine and Vincent go away for a few days leaving JT & Tess on their own?

The answer?

Anything could happen and it does...and then some. Take a bickering couple, give them a few beers, a New York Giants Game and look out! 





A teaser image was released for Ep 217, 'Beast is the New Black' showing Vincat in a hot kiss while under the shower FULLY DRESSED. How did they get there and did it have a 'happy' ending?

What does this story and 'StarCrossed' have in common?

Read my fanfic to find out...


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